Monday, 29 July 2013

Kells Priory, Co. Kilkenny

New day, new trip and new memories!

On Sunday, together with my fiance, we went to see Kells Priory. I hoped for the sunny day that would be perfect for the trip like this but unfortunately it was raining now and again. Did a little bit of rain  stop us from going? Not at all!

I was positively supprised that there was few places to see in the Kells area as it is only a small village. First we stopped at the old watermills. One of them was smaller and had a lovely view on the bridge. We went for a walk at the river and decided to go for a cup of coffee in the watermill. We had a  nice and strong cup of coffee and piece of cake and after talking to a lovely lady who gave us directions how to get to second and bigger watermill and to Kells Priory, we were all ready to check what the road brings on.

So we went to the big watermill and after passing it we were on the way to the Kells Priory. First when you have a look at the place it does not look like a Augustine priory but more like a small village. It consists of 7 tower houses which locals call 'castles'. At first, priory was found in 1183 by Geoffrey FitzRobert de Marisco and at that time it was a Norman church. Nearly a decade later Geoffrey invited Augustinian canons to settle at Kells and that is how the Priory was established.For more information about both Priory and Watermill you can also go here.

After visiting Kells Priory, we walked through the field and saw a map what showed what else can we visit in Kells area. I discovered that if we will walk 2 kilomiters, we will get to the Kilree Round Tower (some history and pictures can be found here).
Across the field from the tower there is amazing  9th century orgin Highcross. It is amazing that it is still there even that condition of it is not the greatest anymore.

Had a lovely day and was amazed with the condition of some of the places. Where can I go next? Any propositions?

Friday, 26 July 2013

The John F Kennedy Arboretum

The Park is based outside New Ross town. Park is dedicated to the president of United States - John F Kennedy. This is one of my favourite places to go for a walk and I enjoy it in any weather. While walking around the park I am passing some amazing types of plants that were brought there from different parts of the world. My favourite are rhododendrons in a big amount of different types and colours! Pure beauty!

Spring - my favourite part of a year when everything is full of colours. Anyone can enjoy beautiful scenery. In the park there is a lovely playground where older and younger children will find somewhere to play. Beside play area there is a shop and cafe. What do you enjoy in the Kennedy Arboretum?

Monday, 15 July 2013

Shell House, Cullenstown

I know many people heard about it, many people are looking for it and many people did not manage to find it at all. The Shell House - shell decorated cottage. Amazing! Have done a little research and found out that it is possible to actually stay in the house for a week. I live half an hour from there and quiet often visit the beach in Cullenstown. I also go for a walk beside the shell house but would love to see it from the inside.
The link to the page where bookings to stay in the Shell House can be made: The map is also available to help you get there.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Johnstown Castle and Gardens, Co. Wexford

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

The Hook Lighthouse

The Hook Lighthouse, Co. Wexford

The Hook Lighthouse is one of the main attractions in the South East region of Ireland. The head land where is often called a 'peninsula' which means "almost and island". The monestry was established in the fifth century on the peninsula by the monk that lived there called Dubhán. Dubhán established a beacon
on the point. Its purpose was to serve as navigation aid for she vessles entering the Waterford Harbour. It is not sure who exactly built the tower. Some authorities believe that first tower was built
 in 1172 by Norman Raymond LeGros where the beacon was raised. Historians
believe it was a  William Marshall who built it in 1245. Until 1641 monks lived in the tower. 

The Hook Lighthouse is beautiful in all kinds of weathers. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery of rocks and sea. First picture was taken at the end of October 2012 and is one of my favourites. It was cold that day but the experience of watching the sunset in the one of my favourite places is unforgettable. Expecially that I could see the lighthouse in operation what I have captured in the picture. 


Second picture was taken this summer (12th of July 2013). Together with my fiance we went for a walk to enjoy beautiful, hot summer weather that does not happen often here in Ireland. The area all around the Lighthouse is full of colours, wild flowers and grass is so soft that I could spend there all my free time. Beautiful seals, dolphins and whales can also be seen which makes me sit down and watch the sea hoping I will see one and I did that day. I saw dolphins - all family of four! This was amazing but unfortunately I did not manage to catch them on the picture. It is the place that everyone should visit as believe me, I didn't meet any person yet who would say they didn't like it there! Did you?

The houses beside the Lighthouse were where housekeepers lived. Currently they are visitor's facilities. They consist of the shop with souvenirs and café & bakery.

 How to get to the Hook Lighthouse? Here are the maps to direct you there!

Source: Goodle Maps
Source: Google Maps

Here you can find a link to the The Hook Lighthouse and Heritage Centre's website where all the information about the place including map and directions how to get there are available. Enjoy!